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Annual Report 2021

Reinventing the world for good

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Welcome to read Tietoevry's Annual Report and highlights of the year 2021!

The full Annual Report 2021 including Sustainability Performance, Corporate Governance Statement, Financial Review and Sustainability Report can be downloaded as interactive PDF's from this page.

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Sustainability Report 2021

Corporate Governance Statement 2021

Financial Report 2021

The year 2021 marks yet another exciting milestone for Tietoevry; we completed our two-year integration programme, announced a new direction for the company with a new strategy, and unveiled a renewed brand and identity. We achieved all this in extraordinary circumstances, with the new waves of the pandemic and large-scale remote work continuing worldwide – underlining the importance of a reliable digital backbone and services across businesses and societies.

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Hyperconnected data, enabled by cloud, is redefining customer priorities and reshaping the technology industry. Tietoevry announnced a new strategy in 2021, to drive specialization and focus. Our investments are focused on businesses where we see competitive advantages and sustainable growth: cloud-native services, data & software engineering and scalable software businesses, including their global expansion potential.

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With our new strategy and the six specialized businesses, we are well positioned to further support our customers in advancing their digital agendas.

Creating purposeful technology

Developing digital futures where technology, humanity and responsibility are at the core.

Citizen data drives climate action

Zero emission citizen – an interactive map providing Norwegian municipalities with greenhouse gas emission data – links citizen impact with Norway's climate goals. 

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Payment cards go beyond plastic

Our card-issuer customers are increasingly choosing materials other than virgin plastic for the payment cards to minimize the environmental impact of the cards.

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Sustainable transportation

Data-driven insights can help public transport authorities to find ways to reduce carbon emissions and to deliver a better, smoother and more sustainable service.

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Accelerating decarbonization

The Energy ECS project helps unlocking the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the mobility and energy sectors.

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New HIT team boosts sustainability work

Our new HIT team helps to identify and develop ways we can reach our sustainability goals together with our customers.

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Real-time data for real-time action

Tietoevry Sustainability Data Hub helps customers monitor and report on their sustainability performance in real time.

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